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Wu Chen (China)



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Famous architect, Royal chatered architect. Was named one of the ten outstanding youth in the Chinese design industry, visiting professor, Ph.D student and is now working at Terry Farrell & Partners,TFP. Wu Chen is the first to research on the urban renewal theory in China and became the first person to systematically study West European Urban revival theory in China, contributing to our nation's architecture and architecture design field. The recent projects that Wu chen hosted or participated in are South Korea Busan

Transportation Hub, Home Office of Government of UK,Canary Wharf Office in London, Wuxi Life Science and Technology Park, Huawei Headquarters and research & development base (Shanghai), China Merchants Logistic Center (Shenzhen), PetroChina Headquaters (beijing), Beijing Diaoyutai State Guest House Exhibition Center, Beijing Dashilan area protection, renovation, revival urban design.

Feng Xiaohong (China)

Sinoclean Chairman

Clean Energy

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Feng Xiaohong, the chairman and president of the SINOCLEAN Group, also the leading figure of the Chinese Technological enterprises. His inventions include: 1. The patent of SINOCLEAN self-clean technology, automatic cleaning the filter net regularly with the cleaning efficiency over 90%, could allow the filter net life last over 20000 hours, preventing the need of frequent cleaning and changing filter nets, as well as lengthening the life-span of the machine and reduced the usage and maintanance cost. 2. The patent of SINOCLEAN coacervation. The agglomeration efficiency of particles under 0.3μ over 51%, significantly enhancing the filter effect of PM2.5, promoting the quantity of fresh air. 3. Purely physical high-efficiency filter technology during the whole process without secindary pollution with the filtering efficiency up to 99.97%. It is possible to have fresh air of PM2.5 below 15μg/m³indoors under highly poluuted circumstances.Prevent smog, prevent PM2.5.

Giulio Vinaccia (Italy)

Giulio Vinaccia & Accociates Founder

Green Industrial Design

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Giulio Vinaccia is a designer focusing on social and environmental areas. Since 1994, he worked at various organizations and international institutes, such as development office(The United Nations Development Programm), UNWTO(World Tourism Organization),UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) and International Trade Center Cooperation. The projects developed by Giulio Vinaccia are spread all over the world, forming new strategies for solving ecological problems. The recent project he participated was called TSARA, over 1500 Madagasgar women used natural fibre like raffia and straw, recollected plastic strips and punched metal sheets or iron bars to weave handbags, furniture and fittings.

Paolo Narciso (Italy)

HSD Chairman

Green Product

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Paolo Narciso is the founder of HSD. Under his lead, the Sanispora nasal filter was invented. Sanispira nasal filter is a new patent innovation technology, using a special bio-gel with guarantte of using environmental friendly and non-toxic materials, soft touch, taking the safetyness and comfort of the products into account. Could absorb dust and particles effectively (especially PM2.5), preventing the particles in the air being breathed into the body. Mr. Paolo Narciso is also the law consultant for the Italian Representative House, very good at transforming advanced science and technology theories into products, especially in the field of environment and health.

Joseph di Pasquale (Italy)

AM Design Company Chief Architect; Chairman

Green Architecture

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Joseph di Pasquale is the profesor of the Politecnico Di Milano, general designer and President for AM Designning Company, mainly working on the professional practicve, innovation research, university teaching and cultural exchange in the fields of spanning architectural design, urban planning, interior design, landscape design. Since 2008, Professor Joseph and the design group in AM company accomplished a series of sustainable, green development, and design innovation projects between China and Italy with high regards from both the Chinese and Italian government. Guangzhou Yuan Parliament (Guangzhou Plastic Exchange Headquarters Building), is one of the ten new major architecture projects in Guangdong. "The Shanghai international design square and China-Italy design innovation center" locating in Tongji University, will become the source of power for Chinese design innovation. Tianjin Jingwu Green Eco- City Planning will structure a 15 square kilometer city in the next 10 years.

Jiang Yang (China)

China National Building Materials (jiangsu) Applied Technology Research Institute Dean

Green Energy

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Jiang Yang, China Building Material Group Bengbu Glass Industrial Design Instituts Vice Dean, China Building Material (Jiangsu) Appliance Technology Research Institute Dean. Part-time on Member of International Commission on Glass (ICG) Committee on atomic simulation and model technology, China Architecture Association Building Material Sub-forum Vice Chairman of the board, secretary general of solar building material and integration construction committee, expert of China real estate institutional association. In the aspect of engineering technology and industrialization, Jiang Yang has outstanding acchievements and applications on new energy application technology, green building material and new industrial houses and solar battery sheet technology, constructing new energy houses, zero carbon future towns, new energy intelligence agriculture and other demonstration projects, achieving the Dragon Design Award, the eighth National Design Industry ten Outstanding Youth Award,pioneer of 2012 China energy and emission reducing, China Architect Society "National Outstanding Engineer", "2014 Low Carbon Model Project" Award.

Xu Ling (China)

Guangzhou Dongli Environmental Art Co., Ltd.

Green Architecture

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Xu Ling, founder of Dongli Environment. She uses "construct human ideal ceological home" as her life pursuit and dream since the foundation of the company. As the urbanization developing,green land, forest and wetlands are replaced by parliaments. The environment is uder huge pressure, such as city smog, environment and noise pollution, heat island effect. With the spatial limits, the regulation is weak under the traditional planting. The roof of city architectures as well as verticle surfaces are usable to extend the space, hence the three dimensional ecological idea came up. Under the lead of Xun Ling, the Dongli group first pointed out the advantage theory of "Tree dimensional ecological smog treatment" and had great result after technological application and transformation.Dongli Environment became the major high and new-tech enterprise as well as the famous name brand of the China three dimensional ecological industry chain.