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  Green Design is the foundation and source of green building. The core of being green is energy conservation (energy, water , land and materials-saving) and environmental protection, which is China's basic national policy. At the same time, they are the principles we must follow. While we are making rural and urban plans and pursuing green building design, we   must adhere to the basic state policy of conserving resources and protecting environment. Utilizating reasonably , conservating and treasuring land are the responsibilities of the urban and rural planning departments at all levels and the Ministry of Land and Resources. Developing green building and promoting energy conservation are the strategic issues related to China's energy supply and energy security. We have done a lot of fruitful work, and achieved positive results in promoting building energy efficiency. We have formulated  laws and regulations, set standards and related policies on conserving building energy. We have  developeded technologies and products of conserving building energy. The development and utilization of new energy has seen positive progress. These achievements are extensively applied in green building design and construction. In recent years, with the rapid growth of China's urbanization, about 20 million square meters of buildings are built every year. End energy consumption of building is close to 30% of the energy consumption of the whole society. Shortage of energy, fresh water, land and other resources and environmental pollution have been the outstanding challenges and problems during China's urbanization .Therefore, the development of green building is significant to promoting the healthy development of China's urbanization.