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2023 International Forum (Berlin)

on Green Design and Green Manufacturing and Dialogue on Green Transition and Climate Change

26th  October 2023

The earth we live on is confronted with growing threats in 2023 and the progress of realizing the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (SDGs) by 2030 has lagged behind seriously. Green design and green manufacturing are indispensable concepts for promoting sustainable development and effectively addressing climate change. Green design, also known as ecological design or sustainable design, is the source tool to achieve green, low-carbon, and sustainable development. Green manufacturing, a modern manufacturing model with low consumption, low emissions, high efficiency and high benefits, is an important lever for advancing industrial green development.

Against this backdrop, the World Green Design Organization will hold the "2023 International Forum (Berlin) on Green Design and Green Manufacturing and Dialogue on Green Transition and Climate Change" in Berlin, Germany on October 26, 2023. The forum focuses mainly on sectors of green industrial cooperation: industrial decarbonization, circular economy and resource efficiency, energy transition and renewable energy, green technological products, green architecture, new green materials, energy conservation and energy efficiency, green finance, green industrial parks and green supply chains, and green transition of free trade zones/ports. In this forum, policy makers, advocates of industrial standards, outstanding entrepreneurs and senior experts specialize in global green development will be gathered to analyze the market and policies of green transition, and delve into the way of utilizing green design and low-carbon technologies to address climate change and achieve green transition. Through providing a high-end dialogue platform that connects green design, green manufacturing, green materials, green technologies and green finance, this forum is committed to facilitating achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Besides, the "Green Design International Award "and "Green Design International Contribution Award" for 2023 will be granted in this forum. The global collection and selection procedures of green design cases/products have been launched, and all organizations are welcomed to recommend the best practices in green development.    

We sincerely invite government agencies, research institutions, authoritative experts and scholars, leading enterprises, and media who focus on green development and climate change from around the world to participate in this forum.

Reference Agenda

Marriott Hotel (Potsdamer Platz) in Berlin

Activity theme


I. Admission









Main Forum

Keynote Speech




Guests enter the venue and take their seats in an orderly manner



II. Opening Speech


                                                             1. Jo Leinen

Co-chairman of the World Green Design Forum

Former Member of the European Parliament

Former President of the European Parliament Delegation for Relations with China

2. Special Guest

3. Representatives of the WGDO


III. Invited Speech


 National Industrial Strategy and Green Transition in Germany

Christian Wulff

Former President of Germany 


IV. Invited Address


Current Member of the German Bundestag


V. Keynote Speech 1


Industrial Green Manufacturing and Low Carbon Development in Germany

Representatives of the world's top 500 enterprises in Germany 


VI. Keynote Speech 2


Climate and Environmental Crisis, and National Security

Stefan Bayer

 Head of Research of the German Institute for Defence and Strategic Studies 


VII. Keynote Speech 3


 Sustainable Development and Ecological Environment

Yonglong Lv

Academician of the European Academy of Sciences

Member of the 10-Member group of SDGs Technology Facilitation Mechanism

Vice Chairman of the WGDO



Tea Break (15 mins)



Dialogue on Green Transition and Climate Change

11:00 -12:00


Dialogue on Green Transition and Climate Change


Arvea Marieni,

Expert of the European Commission, Consultant for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and Technical Director at the REGENERATIVE SOCIETY FOUNDATION

Dialogue Guests:

1. Jeffrey Sachs, Director of the Center for International Development of Harvard University, Special Advisor to United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan and Co-Chairman of the REGENERATIVE SOCIETY FOUNDATION

2. Changhua Wu, Former President of the Climate Group in Greater China, Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee of Asia-Pacific Water Forum and Vice Chairman of the World Green Design Organization

3. Gary Schaal, Co-chairman of the German Institute for Defense and Strategic Studies

4. Corrado Clini, Former Director General of the Department for Environmental Research and Development of the Italian Ministry for the Environment and Territory

5. Chazhong Ge, Chief Scientist of the Chinese Academy of the Environmental Planning, Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the People’s Republic of China

6. Jorgen Randers, World-renowned climate strategy scholar, Professor Emeritus at the BI Norwegian Business School and Member of the Club of Rome

Lunch & Rest


Thematic Sub-forum



Electric Vehicles and New Energy

Circular Economy and Resource Efficiency

Energy Transition and Renewable Energy

Green (Technology) Products

Green New Materials

Energy Protection and Energy Efficiency

Green Building

Green Industrial Park and Supply Chain

Green Transition of Free Trade Zone

Award Ceremony



2023 Award Ceremony of the Green Design International Award and Green Design International Contribution Award 



Note1: On the one hand, the forum expounds the importance of Green Design and Green Manufacturing for achieving the SDGs of the United Nations; on the other hand, it holds a dialogue around global Green Transition and Climate Change as a platform for exchanging and exploring experience that countries can learn from in the field of Green Transition and the prospects of jointly tackling climate change. 

Note2: For details of the application for the Green Design International Award, please contact the Organizing Committee.

Forum Arrangement

The forum is scheduled to be held on 26th October 2023 at Marriott Hotel (Potsdamer Platz) in Berlin, Germany.

Standard registration fee for the forum is 500 euros/person, including costs for relevant meeting materials and services, tea-breaks, lunch and business dinner. Enterprises and guests recommended by special strategic partners would enjoy gratis admission or discount.

Registration process
1. Contact the organizing Committee to get the registration form and fill in it, and send it to the forum organizing committee via e-mail. Please be sure to note the "Recommending Unit" in order to enjoy gratis admission or discount.
2. After receiving the registration e-mail and require files, the organizing committee shall check whether payment has been completed and confirm participation affairs with the applicants. Once the above procedures have been done, the registration is completed.

One week before the forum, the organizing committee shall issue a Confirmation Letter to participants who complete registration. The participants may enter the forum with a hard copy or soft copy of the Confirmation Letter.

Contact information

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