Time Activities Location Participant

May 19th 19:30-21:00

Welcome party

Crown Plaza-Guangling Hall (draft)

All guests

May 20th 9:00-17:30

Opening ceremony, main forum

Jinghang Conference Center-Jinghang Hall

20 special lecture guests (Draft), lecture guests in green field, government guests etc.

World Green Design Expo

The Square of Jinghang Conference Center (draft)

All guests

May 20th 9:00-21:30

The Green Design International Award Ceremony

The hall of Yangzhou Television (draft)

Conference guests and representatives of award winners

May 21th 9:00-17:50

Sub-forum of World Green Design Forum

Jinghang Conference Center (draft)

Lecture guests in green field, government guests etc.

May 22th 9:00-11:30

Business promotion/business visit

Enterprises of various districts in Yangzhou

Press conference etc.

May 22th 13:00-17:30

Business visit

May 22th to 23th 9:00-17:50

The opening day

Exhibition area


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