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2016 World Green Design Grand Award Leads Positive Guidance toward “Green Development”

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During the 2016 World Green Design Forum Yangzhou Summit, the 2016 World Green Design Award was presented in order to honor the innovated green technology, materials and equipment that were based on the cardinal principle of green design. As the sub-award of the field of world green design grand award, the World Green Furnishing Grand Award conducts the selection in the direction of household good design, green space design and green furnishing devotion with only five winning products in the end.

World Green Furnishing Product Design Grand Award:
Beijing D&C Household Goods Co., Ltd. (Florence)
Huahe Group Co., Ltd. (Huahe Wooden Doors)
Ningbo Keying Household Goods Co., Ltd  (VIOLETA)
Green Space Design International Grand Award:
Beijing Bonuosi Design Material Co., Ltd.  (Bonuosi veneer panels)
Green Furnishing International Contribution Award:
Beijing Glorious Decoration Material Co.,Ltd  (Glorious Decoration Board)

The World Green Design Award emphasizes the idea of Green design, tries hard to achieve products that could be recycled, sustainable, harmless and helpful to improve the environment that people live in. 

2016 World Green Design Grand Award Golden Award products:
Zhejiang Jiaren New Material Co., Ltd.   (Chemical regeneration differential fiber)
Ma’Anshan Bolang Heat Energy Science and Technology Co., Ltd.  (Floor heating air conditioner)
Guangdong Shunde Dongfang Maitian Industrial Design Co., Ltd.  (Rang hood)
Shenzhen Yingli New Material Co., Ltd.  (Solar Power Safety Hammer)
Fujian Dingshen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.   (LED high power projecting light)
Beijiao Guangdong Industrial Design Town   (Hand turning tool cover series)

2016 World Green Design Grand Award Silver Award products:
Yongfengyu Paper (Yangzhou) Co., Ltd.   (Agricultural straw comprehensive utilization)
Velux (China) Co., Ltd.   (China office building of Velux)
Diamond Developrs Sustainable City Project
Adesso Advanced Material Wuxi Co., Ltd.  (Degradable epoxy resin)
Qingdao Anyprint Technology Co., Ltd.  (Cube Kongjing 3D printer)
Shandong Pallet Environmental Friendly Engineering Co., Ltd.  (High efficiency energy saving DDBD low temperature plasma industrial waste gas treatment system)

After four years of the election of the World Green Design Grand Award and the continuous innovation of green design field, more and more green design products are used to serve people’s production and life, declares that “green design” plays an important role in promoting people’s life as well as promoting green development and the construction of ecological civilization.