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Shi Dinghuan - State Counselor, President of Chinese Renewable Energy Society

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  Design is an important way to transform scientific and technological achievements into productivity. It is the only way to achieve independent innovation and the catalyst of sustainable development and green development.
  At the beginning of this year, comradeLu Yongxiang published articles and speeches in People's Daily and other media,, advocating paying attention to design, innovation, and submitting research reports to the central leadership. On Technological Innovation Conference held in July, General Secretary Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao made it clear that "if products are not only made in China but also designed in China, and if China pays attention to innovation, then China's economic and industrial structures will be transformed significantly". Dragon Design Foundation and Chinese design industry are committed to accelerating the development of China's design industry and actively promoting local design innovation through awarding, forums, exhibitions, and in other forms. World Green Design Forum, launched in 2011 in Lugano, Switzerland, started the cause of promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, sustainable development. And in the future we will actively cooperate with Chinese cities to build green Davos in China.