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Liu Jiang - Xinhua total European bureau chief

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When we talked about the new energy and energy saving green technology, we can not ignore the important role of design in which. Only in terms of design concept, design ideas, design and technology innovation toward green direction, the green economy can increasingly become a reality, toward the track of rapid, healthy and sustainable development.
Green design is an important part of the green economy represents the development trend of the design field today. As you know, the green technology industry worldwide is booming green economy in the context of the European debt crisis and the economic downturn, it is more important. "Europe 2020 strategy" of information technology and green technology as a breakthrough, as the focus of development of the knowledge economy and the green economy, to correspond to the debt crisis in Europe, to promote the development, expansion of employment. The "green economy" is an important breakthrough in the field of new energy technologies and advanced energy saving technology. Design industry innovation pilot, green is the future of human civilization, green design represents the direction of the development of advanced productive forces.