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Lu Yongxiang - NPC Vice Chairman

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 Green design green manufacturing has been the basis and source of sustainable development, because it often determines the resource consumption and pollution emissions in the full life of the product. If we fully use the green design in the full life of the product, then resource consumption, harmful pollutants and waste will be minimized from design, manufacturing, packaging, transportation to waste processing . That is to say impact on the environment is minimal and, resource utilization is the highest. At the same time,enterprises’ economic benefits, social benefits, ecological benefits and human development will be coordinated and optimized..
 Economic globalization has brought competition, cooperation, resources, energy and pressure on the environment. So we must be guided by the scientific concept of development, driven by reform and opening up and the scientific and technological innovation. we need to increase investment in innovative design, optimize factors of innovative design. We need to construct design services supporting platform to create a design environment and culture. We are committed to creating a highland attracting innovative design talents and industry,. there is a need to enhance the application and popularization of innovative design.
  Independent design innovation should not evolve into " producing behind closed doors". We must be open to cooperation, make full use of international innovation resources, learn from abroad and be based on independent design. Only in this way can the vigor of innovative design be activated and enhanced. We should be more actively involved in the international design exchanges and cooperation, and actively attract foreign outstanding design talent, expertise and enterprises in a variety of ways. Besides we need to encourage Chinese design talents and achievements, and enterprises to go global.
  Innovation is the inexhaustible driving force of design, manufacturing technology and its industrial development. We must pay attention to ingenuity, skills and innovative approaches. If there are no breakthroughs in innovation, it is impossible to form a unique design style and competitiveness. While we are emphasizing the absorption of innovation, we need to create an environment that is beneficial to design innovation and industrialization through policies, systems, management and cultural innovation. We need to .strengthen research on the strategic plan and roadmap of innovative design , and make mid and long-term development plans for design industry that are in line with China's national conditions.